Things You Should Do In Business

Than probably to $ in order to get that business going and as I said the traditional consultants had told this person that they were going to have to spend a minimum of twenty thousand dollars and it was probably going to take them a year maybe a year and a half before the business would be self-sufficient but I’ll get to that in just a moment or two when we actually talk about the the examples and I give you a real-world experience of what changing the structure and a business is actually like before.

I do that I just want to take a moment or two more and I want to address this whole idea of starting a business on an on a shoestring or starting a business without a lot of money a little bit further because as I mentioned that myth number two and myth number one which is of course you have to come up with a good idea are so ingrained in our psyche that we really really have to think hard to get out side those our belief systems are such that we believe so totally we have to have a lot of money.

or we have to have a great idea that very often we don’t even attempt to think outside the box we just stop ourselves immediately and it’s so important that you don’t do that if you want to be in business you can get into business and you can get into business right away we can show you how to start your business on a shoestring spending almost no money we can show you how to structure your business so that it will work so that it’s self-sufficient and so that it’s salable.

we can show you how you can actually turn your #YouTube business into something that works for you rather than you working for it and that is so important no matter who you listen to or what you do with your new business make sure that that new business does what it’s supposed to do and what it’s supposed to do is give you more time more freedom and more money it’s supposed to help you it’s not supposed to be a burden on you where you can’t leave you you and your wife.